Our mission

A platform for an honest debate on business regulation in Ukraine.

Quality regulation is an integral attribute of a democratic state’s healthy economy. When a regulator transparently engages all interested parties in a discussion and analyzes the regulatory impact of alternatives to regulation on the basis of benefit-cost ratio, then it becomes possible to create the most effective regulatory mechanism that will have a balanced effect on economic activity.

The problem of poor-quality regulation is a more systemic problem than it may seem at first glance. Poor-quality regulation of economic activity harms people at large — implementation of ineffective norms produces budget burdens, it makes business activity more difficult, as well as increases the cost of goods or services that are subject to regulation.

But it is not the end of all problems — regulatory approaches, including poor-quality, can be copy-pasted into other industries. Thus, the problem of poor-quality regulation takes roots. In many countries, ineffective regulatory mechanisms, which in the past were applied in some sectors of the economy, are transferred to others. This trend has the form of a domino effect. Low-quality regulatory practices are harmful because they distort market competition and interfere with market dynamics.

Open discussion for quality regulation is the first discussion and information platform in Ukraine dedicated to discussing regulatory issues in Ukraine.

Our goal is to promote regulatory approaches that:

  • are based on advanced international experience
  • improve the quality of regulatory norms
  • involve all stakeholders in the regulatory process.

Our approach is a frank dialogue between those concerned — representatives of government, businesses and business associations, industry experts, commentators and civil society.

Our mission is to achieve economic development of Ukraine by raising public awareness of regulatory problems.

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